There’s much more to storing a bra than first meets the eye. A bra needs to lie in a certain way and has space to breathe when stored - and no, that’s not overly dramatic! Bras are arguably the most important item in any woman’s lingerie collection - perhaps even her entire clothing collection - so needless to say, caring for them in the right way is pretty important.


How you store your bras can affect how long they last, the shape they provide and how well they support your bust. It’s time to bring to order your favourite intimates...


Should I fold my bras?

It depends - does the bra have a moulded cup, such as a push-up or t-shirt bra? If so then no, it’s not recommended. It might save space in the underwear drawer but it can change a bras shape completely. Think about it - the whole purpose of a moulded bra is to mould the bust to the shape of the cup. If the shape changes, it’s going to look misshapen when it’s being worn. 

Keep both cups puffed out by lining your moulded bras up in your draw, leaving a bit of space between them instead of just packing them all in. This keeps them in shape and in good condition, safe from any snagging on the hooks and underwires getting bent. If you want to be really extra, you can even buy special bra storage holders online - it makes grabbing your all-time faves in the morning so much easier!


For all your non-moulded bras such as your bralettes and sports bras, folding them in half is totally fine. Close the strap at the back first, fold the bra in half and then tuck the straps into the fold so that they don’t get tangled. Simple!


How should I arrange my bras?

For the true lingerie lover, sorting bras by style, colour or occasion makes the most sense. House all black bras together and all nude bras together, or all basics together and all date night bras together and so on and so forth. This will make life so much easier when putting together underwear choices in the morning or when you’re packing for a trip.


Speaking of packing, don’t just be mindful of bra storage at home. Treat them in the same way when you’re travelling if possible. Lay them flat in your suitcase, nested inside one another. You could even put balls of socks inside each cup to ensure that they don’t get crushed in transit. 


If you adore bras as much as we at Tutti Rouge do, follow our advice and store your bras with love! You’ll thank yourself for it later when your collection lasts you many, many happy wears.


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