With the change of seasons comes a change in our wardrobes - and even our lingerie drawers. You’ve probably got your faithful bras and styles that you know will serve you forever, but underwear is subject to trends and fads, just as the rest of the fashion industry. If you’re looking to update your lingerie collection for the Spring/Summer season, here’s what we’re currently obsessing over…


Simple nudes

Fashion is more diverse and innovative than ever and many of us are experimenting more and more with personal style and more unique, bold pieces. With our outfit choices going beyond simple t-shirts and jumpers, body contouring pieces and seamless bras and pants are having a moment in the lingerie world. We’re looking for functional pieces in nudes and neutrals - again, a colour palette that’s huge with fashion brands everywhere - to keep our bodies looking great underneath our clothing. Our Jasmin EZT blush t-shirt bra will be your perfect companion for this trend and is a staple in any girls lingerie collection. 

Velvet sets

If there’s one fabric we’re going to be seeing a lot of in the lingerie trends this coming season, it’s velvet. Many brands such as Calvin Klein introduced velvet sets last year and they were a huge hit, so we’re very pleased to see many other brands following suit. This luxurious fabric will see you through to Autumn/Winter and beyond and is guaranteed to impress for date nights and special occasions. This fabric looks especially gorgeous in pale pastels and rich, jewel tones.


Comfort is key

You might have known we were going to throw a bralette in here somewhere. Lingerie wearers everywhere are still loving them - and so are we! We wear our underwear every day, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Comfort is a trend that we’re seeing throughout the fashion industry. Tracksuits, joggers and hoodies are the hot pieces of the moment - and our Instagram feed is full of them! This vibe is creeping into our lingerie drawers and we’re all grabbing for super soft and lightweight materials and as little underwiring as possible for that duvet day feeling in your back-to-back meetings.

High waisted knickers

High waisted knickers have gone from strength to strength in recent years. They’re a nod to old-time glamour and decades gone by. There’s a reason why they’ve been so popular in the past - they look amazing on pretty much everyone. Their high-rise means that curves are accentuated and as well as looking fabulous, they leave you feeling comfortable and secure - particularly if you’re having a day where you’re feeling bloated and not your best. High waisted knickers have got your back. Check out our Phoenix high-waisted brazilian knickers, available in staple black and nude colourways, plus baby blue and two different styles of lace.

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