Don’t you just hate it when your bra straps just won’t stay up? Girls, we’re sure you’ll agree that this issue is a huge bugbear for women the world over! When you’ve readjusted them for the hundredth time in a day, you know that your bra is probably trying to tell you something… but where are you going wrong exactly?

Re-adjust your straps

The obvious culprit is the the length of your straps. Think about it - you probably wear the same bras over and over again, but never adjust the straps. Everytime you wear a bra, the sliders move a little and after a couple of washes, your straps are likely to lose its elasticity little by little. 

Try tightening them every month to a ‘two finger’ tension, meaning you can comfortably fit 2 fingers under the strap. Be sure not to go too tight as you could cause some damage to your shoulders! If your straps are still slipping down after being tightened, you’ll know that there’s a different reason why it’s happening.

Check your bra size

When was the last time you were measured, if ever? If you’re wearing the wrong size, this could also be an indicator. Check your cups - if they are not completely filled, the bra straps are more likely to fall down because the tension isn’t there to keep the straps in place. Try the classic swoop and scoop technique to ensure that you’re filling the cup as much as possible and if there’s still gaping, then you’re going to need a different size.

Also, pay attention to the band. If the band is too loose, the straps will be set further apart which makes them more likely to slip off the shoulders. The bigger the band size, the wider apart the straps and vice versa. Remember - a number of things can cause our boobs to change in size and get smaller including health, age and weight loss. We recommend getting measured at least once a year to make sure you’re buying the right size.

Think about your body shape

The awesome thing about our bodies is that they are all so different! But it does mean that one size does not fit all - or one design, in this case. Sometimes, it comes down to the style of bra that you’re wearing. Different manufacturers have different designs and ways of making their bras and there may be certain ones that just don’t work for your body shape.

 If you have narrow or sloping shoulders, then this can often be the cause of runaway straps and finding the right fit can be tricky. Stay away from wide straps and maybe try our Rougette ‘Ruby’ or ‘Alexa’ bra’s or Tutti classic’s, ‘Sukki’ and ‘Nichole’.

Treat yourself

If you’re losing it with your loose straps, do something about it! There is a reason why it’s happening and you deserve to be confident and comfortable in your bra all day, every day. Re-adjust your straps, check your bra size and think about your body shape - and treat yourself to some Tutti Rouge goodies! 

We guarantee that saggy straps will be a thing of the past in no time. 

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