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Bodysuits are the all-in-one alternative to Bra and Pants, something that you can style for outerwear – “Dare to Bare” under a jacket or top or wear as lingerie for a fully connected feel. As everything is cohesive between Bra and brief you feel more supported – a seamless second skin – perfect for layering! You don’t need to wear anything underneath – but the choice is yours if you do want a little extra coverage. There are other advantages too, they tend to hug your curves more and there is less to become untucked or jostle around your body when you move.

When nature calls… some bodies do have poppers under the crotch, and this makes things a little easier – we have both poppered and un-poppered and it takes a little more creativity when un-poppered. (But hey – it’s worth it!)

They come styled with Lace, Mesh, sometimes Caging and a variety of supportive and comforting elastics to glide over your curves. The Bottom line can be High cut, Brazilian or thong so there are so many variants – and that’s before we get started on colours!

Bodysuits are a flexible gem you can style re-style and rock so many looks – what’s not to LOVE!

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